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Free Kindle Ebooks May 2017

Here we grow again. Well, here we grow our Kindle collection of romance, romantic thrillers, and erotica again. Basically anything in the romance ebook genre.

As always, the books here were absolutely, positively free when I purchased them but make sure that they are still free or that you are comfortable paying for them before clicking that Buy Now button.

You can also go back to my older lists by clicking here and shop to your hearts content because many of those books are either still free or they are free again.

Meanwhile, I will continue to update this list sporadically throughout the month so keep coming back to see what’s new.

So click the image that catches your fancy and Happy Reading!

UPDATED 5/29/2017

UPDATED 5-28-17

UPDATED 5/27/17

UPDATED 5*26*17

UPDATED 5-25-17


UPDATED 5-24-17

UPDATED 5/23/17

UPDATED 5-21-17

UPDATED 5/19/17

UPDATED 5*18*2017

UPDATED 5/1/2017

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